We thank you for the trust you put in our company and your help in making GROEBNER what it is today. We sincerely appreciate your business!"

GROEBNER (formerly known as Groebner & Associates, Inc.) was established in 1976 – incorporated in the state of Minnesota in 1979 – with the objective of providing high quality products and solutions to natural gas utilities and their contractors. To accomplish this, Chuck Groebner, entered into representative agreements with several manufacturers of distribution products including risers, repair couplings, valves, and various corrosion control materials.

In 1980, Joe Groebner (later becoming president in 1995) joined Chuck, and as a team, they continued to bring new technologies to their customers. They worked hard to satisfy the needs of an industry they valued.

As our relationships with our customers grew, we found they had needs for better control over lead times on inventory in various product lines. In answer to those needs, GROEBNER entered the distribution arena in 1985 by acquiring the Midwestern territory for McElroy Manufacturing. Shortly after that, several other distribution product lines followed, enabling us to further meet the needs of our customers.

While reduced lead times was one area that GROEBNER could provide quality service for our customers, we continued to focus on product knowledge and training as key functions of our business. As our customers’ needs changed, we sought to find quality solutions, keeping in mind staying ahead of technology advances in the industry. Our solutions have included adding sales associates, training specialists, and customer service representatives, as well as finding high quality product solutions.

Over the years, as our team and product lines have grown, our office space has transformed as well. We started out in a small place in Plymouth, Minnesota, making a few stops to different locations along the way, and ultimately landing in our current location in Monticello, Minnesota where we house corporate, the Minnesota sales team, and one of our three warehouses. Not only did we find that we needed more space in Minnesota, but also that our territory had grown to include the extended Midwest. In order to meet the needs of our customers’ throughout our territory, GROEBNER established a distribution facility in Illinois in 1994, followed by an additional facility in Kansas in 1998.

By providing timely deliveries, responsive service, and partnering with the most innovative equipment manufacturers, GROEBNER is well positioned to provide our customers with cost-effective and labor saving solutions well into the future.