Meet The Team

GROEBNER is committed to providing the best in the energy industry, to natural gas utilities and their contractors. A major element of that excellence is our team. They are our greatest resource. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients is a credit to our team’s quality and leadership.

Our sales team – both outside and inside sales – offers you industry expertise, to ensure that your product selection meets the specific needs of your project. Our outside sales staff works directly with you, actively listening to ensure they understand every aspect of the project. They problem-solve with you so that the products you purchase will provide the precise solution you require. GROEBNER’s inside sales team then follows your orders from placement through shipping to make sure the process runs smoothly, start to finish. They process the paperwork, track lead times, and are available for any questions you may have along the way.

Our shipping and service team make certain you receive your orders in a timely fashion and that the equipment is installed perfectly. And our factory-certified technicians offer training for your staff, as well as equipment calibrations and repairs when needed. GROEBNER’s service team is top notch and we work hard to keep it that way.

GROEBNER has an experienced and enthusiastic administrative staff that is focused on providing you quality customer service in all your dealings with our company. You can rely on our corporate team to understand your needs, communicate in a clear and timely manner, and stay connected with the industry as a whole. With a staff trained and knowledgeable in finance, marketing, and business operations, GROEBNER ensures your business receives the attention it needs and deserves.

Our Background

The variety in our team’s backgrounds strengthen GROEBNER’s knowledge and helps ensure your company’s success.

  • Industry Association Involvement

    Our team actively participates in the organizations connected with our industry and community. We are board members, committee advocates, event coordinators, and more. Read more on Our Community page.

  • Utility Company Experience

    Members of our staff have held positions with utility companies, including system operations supervisor, project manager, codes coordinator, manager of technical training, installer, and mechanic. They appreciate, from the inside, the issues natural gas utility companies face every day, and understand how to help you with those challenges.

  • Natural Gas Contractor Experience

    The on-the-job contractor experience we’ve gained provides us with a strong understanding of the fast response environment contractors live in. We know what it takes to install distribution and transmission lines from start to finish.

  • Product Manufacturer Experience

    Because of this past manufacturing experience, we have an educated team and a vast network of industry connections who help keep us on top of industry news. We know what makes excellent equipment and that’s what we offer to you as a manufacturers’ representative and distributor.

  • Construction and Mechanical Repair Experience

    Our team has general construction and mechanical experience, allowing us to work seamlessly with contractors and utility staff to ensure you receive the best repair work available. You’ll receive a strong problem-solving partner when we work together.

  • Training Experience and Education

    Coupling education with experience ensures you receive the best service. Our sales team is trained in the equipment we sell, and our certified service team is able to provide courses where your team can learn to make qualified fusions of their own. You can rely on our expertise to train your staff.

  • Distribution Experience

    Our team has background in supply chain management, inventory control, warehouse management, packaging, and shipping. We strive to make our entire operation completely seamless, so you’ll always get the product and service you need, when you need it.

Our team is highly competent and knowledgeable in the utility products we sell. We aim at providing the highest quality of service in every phase of our client relationship, from initial contact to follow-up support. - Joe Groebner

Our Team

Below, you can meet the people who make your experience with GROEBNER a great one. Every member of the team is focused on partnering with you for your success.

Focus Area Experts
Inside Sales & Warehouse
Outside Sales

Joe Groebner


Steve D’Amato

Executive Vice President

Matt Dvorak

Vice President of Sales

Sevie (Steven) Karolewski

Vice President of Operations

Carissa Skorczewski

VP of Marketing & Strategy

Scott Gleisner

Vice President of Manufacturing

Brent Balek

Territory Manager - Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Western Ohio

Mark Brock

Warehouse Lead, Kansas Office

Troy Dahlin

Territory Manager - Minnesota, Eastern North Dakota, Eastern South Dakota

Jana Darling

Branch Manager - Northern / Southern, Kansas Office

Justin Darling

Inside Sales, Kansas Office

Scott Doebler

Inventory Control Manager

Christine Dombrovski

Inside Sales - Contractor Solutions

Jennifer Dugenia

Inside Sales, Illinois Office

Gary Ebnet

Territory Manager - Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Western Nebraska, Western North Dakota, Western South Dakota

Ryan Ellis

Sales Director - Southern Region / Territory Manager - Central Texas

Ben Feuerborn

Product Manager - Measurement

Sandy Foede

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Shawn Gallagher

Territory Manager - Idaho, Oregon, Washington

Joe Gilstrap

Assistant Branch Manager - Southern, Kansas Office

Gary Glenn

Territory Manager - Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas

Bobby Gomez

Warehouse Lead, Illinois Office

Sam Griese

Territory Manager - Missouri, Southern Illinois

Curt Groebner

Accounting & Finance Director

Tony Groebner

Contractor Solutions Specialist

Manny Gutierrez

Administrative Assistant / Inside Sales, Illinois Office

Jason Hart

Territory Manager - Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma

Chris Hearne

Territory Manager - Michigan

Kim Hein

Inside Sales, Minnesota Office

Kendra Horejsi

Administrative Assistant, Corporate

Deana Jeske

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Chris Johnson

Territory Manager - Northern Illinois

Monica Johnson


Brian Jones

Product Manager - Measurement

Darlene Konney

Inside Sales, Illinois Office

Tony Martinez

Inside Sales, Kansas Office

Bev McConnon

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Brandon Meshell

Territory Manager - Eastern Texas, Louisiana, Southern Mississippi

Ryan Meyer

Territory Manager - Iowa, Eastern Nebraska

Austin Murrell

Inside Sales, Kansas Office

John Nylin

Assistant Branch Manager - Northern, Minnesota Office

Jim Perkins

Senior Sales Director / Contractor Solutions

J (John) Ramirez

Measurement Resources Director

Allen Rose

Inside Sales, Minnesota Office

Jessica Siegrist

Operations Manager / Human Resources

Gabe Stanko


Jason Stevens

Warehouse Associate, Minnesota Office

Teresa Stoup

Senior Marketing Specialist

Kolton Tucker

Warehouse Associate, Kansas Office

Jose Virgen

Warehouse Associate, Illinois Office

Martha Virgen

Inside Sales, Illinois Office

Barb Weller

Accounts Receivable Manager

Luke Wenneker

Sales Director - Central Region / Product Manager - Tapping & Stopping

Joe Woehrle

Sales Director - Northern Region / Analyst

Alice Zak

Branch Manager - Central, Illinois Office

Coming Soon

Territory Manager - Wisconsin, Michigan Upper Peninsula